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The Company is also engaged in the manufacture of electronic chemical materials and special chemicals. The Company’s products portfolio consists of general purpose resins, polyester resins, coating resins, special chemicals, circuit substrates, dry film photo resists, liquid crystal display (LCD) optical films, solar battery conductive adhesives, as well as silica gel materials for light emitting diode (LED) packaging and others. The Company’s products are mainly applied in energy and public utilities, transportation industries, construction and furniture industries, electronics and motors, disposable consumer products, packaging and printing, healthcare and metal machinery. The Company distributes its products mainly in Taiwan, Mainland China and other markets.


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Wu calls himself an “Edison-type inventor” and I think he is correct in relation to PRT. On that basis, his insights into the other topics are probably also valuable. I was originally uninspired by the simplistic sketches of the system and the somewhat clumsy prose but, the more I read, the more I came to respect Wu’s grasp of PRT. He explains what PRT could do for America and why it has not yet caught on. Most of what is written about PRT is too narrowly focused to describe its true potential. An Inventor’s Vision for America by Hengning Wu does not suffer from this problem.


I recommend it for anyone interested in improving America. Want to learn more about EMERGEX VACCINES HOLDING LIMITED? Purchase the company report or an

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LEGO-block-inspired versatile triboelectric nanogenerators as power cells to harvest vibration energy


Eternal Materials Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells resin materials, electronic materials, and other related products. It also provides UV monomers and oligomers, special coatings, silicone microspheres and additives, and 3D UV printing materials. Further, it provides biomedical materials, which include biochemical and molecular diagnostics, proteins, and antibodies; wafer level liquid encapsulation material; solid capacitor materials; lithium battery materials; green and environmentally friendly CTP printed photosensitive material; thermoplastic composites; and hydrophilic films. The company’s products are used in energy, transportation, building and furniture, electronics, consumer products, packaging and printing, health care and medical, and metal machinery applications.


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The book starts by describing Wu’s unlimited vision for the “Autoway” PRT system in some detail and then dives into related quality-of-life issues that could be leveraged by PRT or approached separately. His PRT description quite accurately captures how a modern PRT system should work and what it should do.


Either change or stagnate.We have mounting government debt, rising income disparity, failing infrastructure, and a politically divided country. It is a new approach, a system approach, and a nonpartisan approach.Dr. Hengning Wu introduces autoway, a new transportation technology. No more traffic congestions and sprawls.He introduces a new concept of interface in urban organization.


He has a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Iowa State University. Get helpful tips on how to use company credit reports when making potentially critical business choices. This book makes good reading for PRT enthusiasts and those wishing to learn more about it, but it goes well beyond that.


Interface state will replace nation state and fundamentally solves the problem of world peace. Hengning Wu has been an inventor focusing on fundamental ideas since 2000. Previously he has worked in industry and government labs in Denmark, the United States, and China for 17 years.

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